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General Real Estate Practice and Condo & Land Development Law

Oil and Gas Law: Transactional and Litigation Practice

Probate Litigation and Appeals

General Civil Litigation (Contract, Commercial Claims, Disputes of Partners & Joint Venturers in Closely He Corporations)

Family Law (Custody, Spousal & Child Support, Property Division)

Insurance Coverage Suits (For Policyholders, i.e. Municipalities & Business)

Personal Injury (Negligence, Premises, Auto, Products Liability,

Professional Negligence (Prosecuting and Defending Claims of Builder Negligence, Accounting Negligence, Medical Malpractice, Joint Venture Developer Liability)

Business Fraud Claims and Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Claims (Civil and Criminal)

Governmental Law: Representing Municipal Bodies

Attorney Fees & Sanctions: Defending and Prosecuting Fee Awards

Criminal Defense Appeals (State Direct Appeal, Post-Conviction, 6.500 Motions in State Court, Federal Habeas Corpus Motions)